What is a podcast? Podcasts (digital audio files) are daily or weekly shows on various topics that listeners can subscribe and listen to at any time. Podcasts can be downloaded on a variety of platforms (i.e. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc). 

Why are they appealing? Podcasts make it easy to listen to a lot of different types of content whenever you want, and wherever you are. Podcasts are appealing because you can listen on your phone, tablet or computer and there is a large selection of content available with many different shows and time durations. Whether you have 15 minutes to spare, or a long commute to work, podcasts have you covered. Also, you can “subscribe” to a podcasts so that the next episode of that show will automatically download when it is available. 

How do I access a podcast? WAMC podcasts are available through Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Music, and the WAMC App. After opening any of the apps mentioned, click the search icon to look for WAMC podcasts. You can either search WAMC or the specific podcast that you want to download by name. Once you have found the podcast you want, click download and enjoy the podcast! Make sure to click the “subscribe” button to stay up to date when new episodes are available.

How do I get started? Head over to WAMC’s Podcast Directory to view a wide variety of podcasts and subscribe to your favorites.

Where can I listen to WAMC Podcasts? WAMC podcasts are available through Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Music, and the WAMC App. Go to https://wamcpodcasts.org/ to view a full listing of shows and descriptions.

What does it mean to live stream? It means to transmit or receive live video or audio coverage of a  broadcast over the Internet or cellular data. This feed is broadcast and played in real time over your device (computer, tablet, smartphone). 

How do I access the live stream? Type wamc.org into your web browser and click the play button that appears at the top left of the browser screen. This will allow you to live stream what is happening on the air in real time. You can also access the live stream via the WAMC App by opening the app and tapping the play button. 

What is the difference between a podcast and a live stream? Podcasts are pre-recorded shows that are available either daily or weekly to download and subscribe to. Live streaming is not downloaded content, rather when you are listening to the content it is being played in real time but not stored for later use. You can, however, go to the WAMC podcast page to download and listen to shows that were on air previously at https://wamcpodcasts.org/ . These shows were live streamed but also recorded so that users can listen to the shows as podcasts at any time. 

Does WAMC offer live streaming or podcasts? WAMC offers both live streaming and podcasts. You can go to wamc.org and click the play button at the top left of the browser to listen live (or go to the WAMC app). You can download and listen to podcasts via https://wamcpodcasts.org/ or through Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Music, and the WAMC App. 

Having trouble with live streaming? Try some of the troubleshooting suggestions listed here. 

What is a smart speaker? Smart speakers are a wireless audio playback device that uses several types of connectivity for additional functions. This is essentially a speaker that can react to your voice commands. Smart speakers comply with your voice commands and play the content you request while using Wifi connection to access different content. 

How do I use my smart speaker to access live streaming? Access WAMC content via both Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers. Ask for WAMC and program by name. If you need help getting started, we have additional guidance right here. 

How do I get WAMC content to play on my smart speaker? On Google  Home say, “OK Google, Play WAMCFM” or “OK Google, Play WAMC” or “OK Google, Play WAMC Northeast Public Radio” or “Hey Google, Play WAMCFM on TuneIn.” On Amazon Echo, say “Alexa, Play WAMC” or “Alexa, Play WAMC-FM.”